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Their photos are as diverse, hopeful, creative, clear-eyed and bright as they are. Read about the Dear Cleveland photo project. Amanda King: Photos are 'more than mementos'. See more Dear Cleveland photos: Six young women traverse the city: As part of The Plain Dealer's "Dear Cleveland" series we're working to bring young voices and perspectives to the forefront of the conversation.

Our approach in telling this story is to chronicle the experience of the 18 council members using videos and their own words. Dear Cleveland: Young voices. Cailah Porter, 15, reads over an example of a short story as she and fellow Upward Bound students prepare to work in groups to create characters who will face dilemmas. Porter is an honors student who plays basketball and participates in debate and math clubs at Whitney Young Leadership Academy. She co-created a character named C'arlos who decides whether to live on the streets or return to foster care.

To read about the characters the students created and the dilemmas they faced, click on the animations below, created by Plain Dealer illustrator Chris Morris. Previous coverage: See Cleveland through the eyes of six young photographers. One-year-old CJ peeks through a slightly open window at his siblings playing in his yard. He had to stay inside for a nap.

Air Rodgers. Click photos below to view each photographer's work.

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Lai Lai Bonner, 18, lives in East Cleveland is in college working toward an associates degree in fine arts and aspires to be a cinematographer. Her family and event photography business is called Melting Magnets. Her work has appeared in Shooting Without Bullets and gallery shows.

Jasmine Banks, 18, lives in Cleveland's St. Clair-Superior neighborhood. Her photography has appeared in exhibitions and gallery shows.

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