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It would have no impact on Apple sales. Apple used to do this, and when I worked for a local Macintosh dealer some years ago, this was a strong Mac advantage.

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Our customers could come in with a blank floppy disk or two — or buy a box of disks from us — and we could clone the Macintosh system installation disks for free. Although Apple has made it difficult to get early versions of the Mac OS online, you can still download System 6 through 7.

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Would making early versions of OS X impact Apple sales? This could be a money spinner for Apple.

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How many Windows users could be turned by using an old Mac with an old OS? And then their next purchase might be a new shiny new Mac! It would also mean less Macs are destined for landfill if people could find a use for them, which requires having a Mac OS.

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One main reason Apple might not be keen on this is security. The latest version of Mac OS X is protected and updated, and the previous version is also offered security updates for a period of time.

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  5. However, versions than that will not have the latest security fixes. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Should Old Versions Be Free?

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    Like what you have read? The framework—and therefore both Disk Utility and command-line utilities like the fsck disk-repair tool—see a major upgrade in Mac OS X The Mac OS always tries to allocate files in consecutive chunks, so it tracks file segments by extents, identifying each one by its starting block number and the count of the number of blocks in the extent. An unfragmented file, no matter how large, has only one extent because it resides on disk in consecutive blocks. A 12KB file fragmented into three 4KB allocation blocks on disk has three extents, each one block long.

    Because both HFS and HFS Plus were designed to prevent fragmentation, tracking files by extents is more efficient than tracking each block allocated to a file. How can extents overlap? Disk corruption often starts with errors in block allocation. Whether by programming error or power outage, corruption begins when the file system uses some blocks on the disk but fails to mark those blocks as used in the allocation file or, under the older HFS format, the volume bitmap.

    Suppose that your Safari bookmarks file overlaps a picture in your iPhoto library.

    Mac OS X Tiger

    If the picture was written last, Safari might crash on launch, unable to parse what it thinks should be an HTML file full of bookmarks that instead has some chunk of binary JPEG data in it. Fortunately, any decent disk utility rebuilds the allocation file from scratch as part of examining a volume, looking at every extent and making sure that every block is used once and only once. Finding the problem is easier than fixing it. By definition, if an overlapping extent exists, a program wrote data for a file into blocks that were already used by an earlier-created file. The data from the earlier file in those overlapping blocks is gone forever.

    Utilities can recognize the problem and untangle the extents by copying all files to new parts of the disk, but no more than one of these rescued files contains correct data. In If two files share the same three blocks, the code now allocates two new three-block extents on disk, copies the contents of the shared extent to both of the new extents, and updates the catalog so that the two original files now refer to their new, individual extents instead of to the older, illegally shared extent. Next, the new Disk Management repair code creates a folder named DamagedFiles at the root level of the disk in question, and creates a real Unix symbolic link not a Mac OS alias of any kind for each of the affected files, named with the original CNID and the file name.

    As noted, only one of these files can even possibly contain correct data, and they may both be corrupted. Thanks to the symbolic links, you can easily find them, and determine which newly untangled files to keep and which to replace. See which of the files are damaged, and either replace them from backup or recreate them.

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    Then run DiskWarrior if you have it, or boot into single-user mode and run fsck so it can verify there are no more problems with your disk. Although Mac OS X Mac data as the master source is not fixed in The update did not address an iPhoto 5 distraction that was embedding the wrong color profile in an image every time you edited it under Tiger, but the iPhoto 5.

    Unfortunately, iPhoto 5.