Hack mac os x 10.5

When I boot using the flash disk I created, I just get an "X" icon in a circle and it keeps loading forever When I try to do this, I get an error box saying that "You don't own this file and you don't have permission to write it. Is there any way around this?

Hack for installing FaceTime on Leopard 10.5 ?

Thanks so much for your help! I copied the plish and pasted it to my desktop, I opened the plish and then changed the After that I copied the changed plish into where the original plish was. You want to overwrite it!!!!! I used this method last week and I was able to successfully update a my early macbook that had been sitting in storage for years from In order to edit SystemVersion.


Copy and paste: I had to completely reformat my drive as the Mountain Lion installer would not install over an existing OSX Partition. I used a Gparted live cd to make a seperate partition to backup my important files.

hack mac osx administrator password

I just did this on a friends computer and it worked perfectly. Didn't need to wipe the drive either. Just did this on my old desktop running Didnt have to wipe my disc at all. Thanks also to Brendon above for the tip about TextEdit. The fix is still good!

The 5 best tips and hacks for Mac OS X Leopard

So I tried this method. What am I doing wrong? Thats it. Option-spacebar works too.

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Especially useful for anyone working with swap-intensive apps. For the Dock, look here for a simple guide.

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  • For the Menu Bar, Peter Krantz links to a downloadable hack which will fix the transparency issue, as well as suggesting a solution which is both novel and old-school! More tips coming next week! Link Copied!

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