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Can't Wake Up. You can do this if desired or cancel the burn and modify the playlist. You usually need to use a CD for audio discs. There are DVD audio players, but they are quite rare. Choose your burn settings. In iTunes 10 or earlier, the burn will begin automatically. In iTunes 11, you are given the option to adjust your burning preferences before the burn process begins. You can adjust the burn speed.

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Higher is faster, but very high speeds may cause disc errors on older systems or cheap CDs. You can choose whether or not to place a gap between songs. You can select your format. Audio CD is the most common and will work in virtually any CD player. MP3 CDs require special players to run. Click Burn when ready. The iTunes display will show the progress of the CD burn. Method 2. A CD-R can be written to once, and then becomes read-only. A CD-RW can have data added and deleted. Choose the Open Finder option.

When you insert a blank disc, you are typically asked how you would like to handle it on the computer. This option will open the Finder so you can easily drag and drop files when you select the CD. Look for the icon of the blank CD that appears on your desktop. Double-click it to open the CD Finder window. Drag and drop the desired folders and files onto the CD. Rename any files or folders that you want before you start the burn process. Once they are burned to the CD, you cannot change the names. Initiate the burn. You will be given the opportunity to name the CD. This name will appear whenever the CD is inserted into a computer.

Click Burn after naming the CD. The files will then be saved onto the CD.

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This process can take anywhere from a minute to almost an hour depending on the size of the files you want to burn. To reuse a CD-RW disc, erase all of the data on the disc and then repeat the burn process. Method 3. Open the Disk Utility. This can be found in the Utilities folder in your Applications. The burned disc will then act exactly like the original disc. Insert a blank disc. Add the disc image file.

Find your disc image file on your computer. The file should be in ISO format. Burn the disk.

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After you drag the file into Disk Utility, click on the image in the sidebar, and then click the Burn button at the top of the window. Set your burn options. Once you click Burn, click the arrow button in the corner of the Burn window to open the burn options. Click Burn to start the burning process. As long as you're burning an audio CD, it should be accessible anywhere. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Download iTunes, import your CD to iTunes, create a playlist.

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Drag those songs inside of the playlist, remove the CD and replace it with a blank CD to be burned. Select playlist option "burn to disc. The only way to be able to achieve this would be to use a third party app, such as Audacity or Burn, both of which you could download online.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Burned music comes out as the original file is mixed, meaning the original production and recording of the song is the levels of all channels that will come out on the final burned copy. Why doesn't my music sound as good after being burned when the music in iTunes is equalized?