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Gonna kill it til it's dead, I'mma try to hit'em in the head, corn-fed, Midwestern whore bred. She looks so thick and juicy give it to me in the booty shorts then you gotta get up in the morning n get out Let's speed it up big breath Never been a counterfeit of nothing I am just an elevated entity I'm coming and giving it back then pumping dump on every instrument with increments of sentiments and syllables I lunge I'm livid again I'm sticking it in their muffins make a couple million I'm hoping to I'm going to so gimme another reason I should sit around an not experience benefits of getting down when all the drivel that they're spitting is so hideous Godzilla fear the viciousness!

Login with Facebook Login with Facebook. Reset password Register. Top popular songs Top popular artists List of artists Search songs, artists. Song info. Pale Kid Raps Faster! Let's Practice! Mac Lethal. With Asthma! Santa Raps SO Fast!!! Top 5 the fastest moments of Mac Lethal. Watsky,Mac Lethal and Ksicfaces.

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Fast Rapper George Watsky. White Kid Raps Fast Reaction! Albums has song "Pale Kid Raps Faster". Better When You're Gone flac Brooks. Rapz Of Death Ft. Sage Francis. Monday School. Unfinished Love Song Thing. Cover My Tracks. Ashes To Ashley. Neptune, My Sweet Neptune. Day by Day. Wookie's Groove. Club Bamboo. Sun Storm - Explicit. A Cool Breeze feat. Heart Shaped Moon. Cyborg Love. So Fly. The Brunes. Wooden Heart. Slut Recorded at a motel in Fargo during a blizzard. Lady Snowblood.

Dream Bag. Rattlesnake Vs Mongoose. Fastest rapper ever. Dying At I Bought an Island. Mindfuck Maggie. Pull That Hair.

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Papa's Belt. King Of The Insects Freestyle. Geisha With a Gun. Cyborg's Revenge. The Way We Bash. The Bellevue Machine. More to Life. Go to Sleep Bonus Track. Burgundy Bonus Track. Needle Point. Contact High. Smart Dumb Person. Moon Thinker. A Milli er Lite Freestyle.

Ashes To Ashley Feat. Pimp Slap the World. Russian River Freestyle. Mean Jab 2: He's Baque. Drunk Flow 1.

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Turning into My Father. Fuck Nick Cannon Freestyle. On My Cadillac feat. Dirt Nasty. Loony Farm Lethal. The Giving Tree feat. Mac Lethal. Wood-Chip Grinder. King Of the Insects Freestyles. Drunk Flow 2.

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Backward - Amended. Skateland Freestyle. June Snow Freestyle. Hello Demon. Prove it to Me.

Mac Lethal

Bird Feeder. Fuck Grieves By Mac Lethal. Change The Drawls. Hold Me Down. Sun Storm - Amended. Lavendar Moon.

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Woodchip Grinder Remix Ft. Rapz Of Death ft Sage Francis. Delicate Touch. All Night Long. Two Bottles Clacking. I Tried to Kill Myself. Rattlesnake vs. Black Clover Farewell Anthem. Domino, Motherfuckers! Calm Down Baby - Amended.

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A Slow Down Ghandi Shame. Dazed and Confused In Seconds. Chub in the Water. Make Out Bandit - Amended.

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  7. Punk Bitch Clown Freestyle. Raps Of Death. Joe Good. October on the Beach Freestyle. Camera 2 ft Joe Good. Pauses are weapons. Pound That Beer - Amended. Rotton Apple Pie - Amended.


    Kansas Hospitality. Birth of spring. The Swamp. So Fly Creatively. Kinda Like a Big Wheel Freestyle. Woodchip Grinder feat. Aesop Rock. Heart Uvva Pig Map of Love. Fast Paces featuring Ces Cru. Know It All - Amended. Sledgehammer - Amended.