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Should you choose to delete or if you accidentally deleted your locally saved Steam pictures, take note that you cannot re-download Steam screenshots into your local library. Furthermore, they will not contain their original date and time metadata. Your Steam Cloud has a limit of 20GB for screenshots. If you wish to delete any of your uploaded Steam screenshots on the Steam Cloud, you can only do so one at a time.

How to Transfer Steam Games on the Mac -

Finally, remember that you can view your uploaded Steam pics virtually anywhere. Steam for iOS Android free. Screenshots created through 3rd party software cannot natively be uploaded to the Steam Cloud since each Steam screenshot is registered within the text file, screenshots. However, a free program called SteaScree resolves this problem. SteaScree will back up your local Steam screenshots. However, it does not back up your Steam screenshots. Therefore, we recommend reading the next header before trying out SteaScree for the sake of absolute safety.

SteaScree provides excellent instructions in regards to using the program.

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Once guided toward the proper directories, SteaScree will access the photos you wish to upload to the Steam Cloud and properly register them within the screenshots. As a result, Steam will view these screenshots as its own and allow you to upload them to the Steam Cloud. You will notice that the metadata connected to each screenshot will be of the moment Steascree registered them within the screenshots. Backing up locally saved Steam screenshots is simple as well.

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  4. On a PC, you must first find your Steam folder. Therefore this folder is named differently for every user. Each one of these folders contains screenshots for respective games and a folder holding their corresponding respective thumbnails.

    Backing up your games...

    In regards to creating a backup, I recommend weekly copying and pasting your folder to a dedicated USB flash drive. Even with s of screenshots, your folder will still take up less than 10GB of space. Read More such as Carbonite or Backblaze. If you are interested in moving your Steam screenshot library to a new PC, it is extremely simple. All you have to do is download Steam and a single game to your new PC. Choose the version you want and click Next.

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    Default Dota 2 backup folder is C: Click on Highlighted area below and there are few option to select. Choose that option which is best suited for you. Once all the above mentioned steps are complete, your backup process will start.

    How to Restore Lost Steam Game Files under Windows 10?

    Wait patiently because this is going to take almost 1 hour and 30 mins easily. You can read instructions on final screen. Visit official steam community site. Remember, DO NOT download steam from any un-trusted software, because it may be a phishing software, designed to steal your credentials. Once downloading steam, make sure you are at right steam site. Not any phishing site. Click on Install steam. Total steam software is 1. So its just going to take few seconds to download. Double click the steam setup wherever you have downloaded it and this welcome window will show up.

    Install steam in whatever directory you want and then follow the process till you successfully install it. Did I mention earlier that the steam setup that you just downloaded was 1. But steam is not such a small program. So once you run steam for the first time after re-installing, its going to download all required data from steam server.

    Update will be roughly around MBs. Once your steam updates successfully, you will see this window for the first time.

    Login to your existing account. Once you will add your credentials for the first time, its going to ask for steam guard code. You have successfully installed steam now. If you notice, all your games are shown in your games library.

    How to Create Dota 2 Backup

    But all are grayed out. So, if you have got a good internet, go ahead and download a new copy, or just install the Dota 2 backup which you just made. Remember, with this procedure you are going to install the already made backup of Dota 2. You will loose your Dota 2 settings and hotkeys etc, but still most of the Dota 2 will work as normally as it should.