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He went on to win the respect and admiration of fans and peers alike, inspiring players and bands from Clapton, B. Green left the Bluesbreakers in to form Fleetwood Mac, a completely different animal than the Seventies-to-present version of the band. The original Mac began as a strict blues band before delving into more progressive territories as Green and other band members expanded their songwriting to include other styles.

Fleetwood Mac , Mr. The list is as sparse as it gets, folks. The band provided the perfect vehicle for the emerging Brit-blues star to flex his chops and hone his writing skills.

King, these now-standard key-of-C moves utilize minor-to-major Ebto - E oblique trills played beneath pedal G sover the I chords in bars 1, 3, and 4. Lose the trill over the quick change to the IV chord F7 in bar 2, and then check out how the single notes added both before and after the trilled and non-trilled third intervals further define the chord of the moment.

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Key and Scale

This also forms a useful Eb triad. The same bend gets a grace-note release on the downbeat of bar 1, followed by a typical Greeny lick also highly exploited by his peers. King-approved chromatic minor thirds that nail the return to the I chord. To download the backing track to Black Magic Woman, please log in and revisit this page.

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Feel free to contribute! The first part is 12 bars and starts with the keyboard playing a flute-like melody not tabbed over a D Minor chord for almost two bars before the Bass Guitar enters.

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The Guitar starts at the end of bar four with a melody. The melody continues over the D Minor chord until the end of the 12th bar.

Black Magic Woman Guitar Lesson Part 1 - Santana - Marty Schwartz Guitar Lesson

Fig 1 and Fig 2. The second part of the Intro is nine bars long and it consists of the Guitar melody played over a single four bar section that repeats, followed by one bar of rest.

Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman Guitar Tab

The Rhythm Guitar alternates between the D Minor and G Minor chords in this section and the bass line modulates as well. Fig 4 and Fig 5. The chord progression for Black Magic Woman is 12 bars long except for the first time when it is 13 bars long. The progression simply repeats for the entire song. The first time through, Santana plays a Guitar solo that we will Tab in a later article and the chord progression looks like this.

As you can see, it is just three Minor chords, but you can and you know Santana does use some chord substitutions. These are all simple and pretty standard substitutions and just different ways to play the same chord, but there are other variations that you can use if you do a little research. Pre — Verse Bridge. After the first verse, the song goes into an eight bar section that I will call the Pre — Verse Bridge. For the section of music we stick to the D Minor chord from the verse for the entire eight bars while the Keyboard plays a Solo Fig 14 and Fig The bulk of the song three Verses and a double Guitar Solo is now played over a chord progression very similar to Verse 1, minus one bar of D Major chord at the end.

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