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The sleek-looking unit features a heavy-duty black-metal body with silver knobs and trim. The knobs control the usual Pod preamp parameters: The sturdy metal expression pedal sits on the right side of the unit, and it defaults to controlling volume. A toe switch lets you access a programmable wah effect at any time. The pedal can also be set to control any one of the Effect Tweak parameters, which include Delay Time, Reverb Mix, Compression Threshold, and so forth.

Additionally, you can control those parameters with a second expression pedal not included , which plugs into the pedal 2 input. There are two rows of footswitches: The top row features a Bank Up switch and on-off switches for the Amp, Stomp stompbox , Mod modulation , and Delay effects within each preset.

The switch on the far right side of the bottom row lets you access the built-in tuner as well as tap in a tempo for the delay-based effects. You can't sync those effects to an external host, which is a disadvantage in the studio. The rest of the bottom-row switches are dedicated to selecting presets Line 6 refers to a preset as a Channel Memory.

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As many as presets can be stored in the unit at one time. An infinite number can be stored in your computer using the free Line 6 Edit software. A Channel Memory contains amp, speaker, and cabinet models of your choice, and any effects you've dialed in. Most impressively, each Channel Memory can also have a Variax guitar model and tone-knob setting saved with it.

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That feature is a huge advantage in a live-performance setting, because you can preset various guitar models with the amps, effects, and cabinets of your choice, and recall the combination with the footswitches. You can have your whole setlist programmed with all of those variables. You can save tuning information in Variax custom models constructed using the Variax Workbench software , so you can go from a song in standard tuning to a song in open-E, open-G, drop-D, or any tuning that you choose. Although the need for quick switches is not as acute in the studio as it is live, it's still handy to have your favorite guitar-amp-tuning combinations organized and ready to go.

All three have the same processing engine and a similar set of amp, effects, and cabinet models. A USB port lets you plug directly into your computer Mac or PC to output audio and send and receive patch and control information. Editing sounds on the PODxt Live is straightforward, but it does require a lot of scrolling through menus. It's much easier to use the Line 6 Edit software, which makes all the parameters and models easy to tweak and save. PODxt Live doesn't have an effects loop, which might disappoint some users especially live performers who want to augment the Variax's effects with their own.

According to Line 6, adding an effects loop would have driven up the price too much.

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The company recommends patching in any additional effects either before the unit's input or after its output. Enter now for your chance to win! The ultimate direct recording tool, POD 2. With acclaimed Line 6 modeling and built-in studio quality effects, POD 2. The Variax is the most affordable Variax to date. Despite its lower price, it contains all the same models as the other Variax electric guitars. Despite its lower cost, it offers the same selection of guitar models as the other Variax electric guitars.

Like other Variax instruments, the has no magnetic pickups, only a 6-element piezo pickup inside its bridge. The piezos convert the string vibrations into an electrical signal, which is then digitized and passed through the Variax's internal processing. The needs power to run, and Line 6 gives you several options.


You can also power the guitar with 6 AA batteries in which case you can plug a standard guitar cable directly into the guitar or from a PODxt Live or a Vetta II amp, connected through the guitar's digital connector. The is made of a tropical wood called agathis and has a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It comes in black with a black pickguard or red with a white pickguard. It has a headstock that's reminiscent of, but not identical to, a Fender guitar. Generic, six-in-a-line sealed tuners do a good job of holding the guitar in tune. The Variax that was sent to me for this review had a small but noticeable setup glitch. Although its intonation was excellent, the B-string was set a bit too low to the frets, so it didn't sustain fully when played up high.

It could easily be adjusted by a guitar tech, and it might have been an anomaly, but it did make me wonder how much attention is paid to the setups on these instruments.


That aside, Line 6's guitar designers have done a good job of maintaining consistency with the other Variax models. I'm excluding the Variax from that statement, because I've never played one.

The feels similar to other Variax guitars, and it doesn't seem like a stripped-down or noticeably inferior model. As with the other Variax guitars, the features single volume and tone controls and a Strat-like, 5-way selector switch. Unlike on a conventional guitar, the switch doesn't change pickups; instead, it changes models. The models are grouped into 12 banks 10 factory and 2 user and are accessed with the Model Select knob, which is located next to the tone control.

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Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. Certain Line 6 devices not detected on macOS Pod XT Live "revival" - which software do I need?

Recommended Posts. Posted January 21, I've re-inherited it and am now trying to incorporate it into my project studio. I've got Monkey obviously. I've got Line 6 Edit. I've got Gearbox. Is it basically VST versions of L6 stuff? Could be fun. Do I need it, or want it?