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Free Samsung Smart Switch Samsung Smart Switch is software that allows the user to transfer files and information from one smart phone to a Samsung Galaxy device. The software is a product of Samsung, a large Korean conglomerate that creates technology, such as smart phones, television, computer screens and storage devices. Show Details 3.

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Samsung Kies Reviews 5. Samsung Kies Related Youtube Video 6. Comments on Samsung Kies. Pros of Samsung Kies. Allows secure transfer of media from PC to smart device. Upgrade firmware on Samsung devices. Offers wireless firmware upgrades through the Kies Wireless Android app. Cons of Samsung Kies. Can be weird to use if you're not technical minded. Can't recognize specific file types like. Features of Samsung Kies. Samsung Kies Reviews. Samsung Kies was the premier way to backup data and transfer media content between your PC and smart device until around The service was also how Samsung issued firmware upgrades for devices when OTA updates weren't being sent through the user's carrier.

The app is geared toward power users who want to update their phones and manage their media and data, so the interface can be a bit hard to understand at first.

Samsung has a full guide that is available on their website for how to use this software if you find it too confusing when you download it to your phone. There are two different versions of Kies available on the Samsung site.

3 Ways to get your iTunes Music on Samsung Android phone

Kies 2. Samsung mobile devices can be managed from a computer using the Kies desktop software, but it requires software to be installed on your computer and the use of a USB cable. If you don't have a USB cable handy or if you avoid using cables whenever possible, the Samsung Kies Air app may be just what you're looking for. The Kies Air app allows you to connect to your Samsung smartphone or tablet from any device or computer with a Web browser as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

The Kies Air app basically acts as a Web server and provides a graphical front-end to access your content.

Troubleshooting Samsung Kies

To use Kies Air, follow these steps:. Step 1: Download Kies Air to your compatible Samsung mobile device.

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Step 2: Connect your Samsung mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer or device you want to use to manage it. Kies is available in several versions and editions, depending on the specific Samsung device and the OS it is running. Kies3 version 3. Kies currently in version 2. Trying to use Kies with newer devices, or Kies3 with older devices, will result in an error message. There is also a Kies Mini version, which is available only for specific devices such as Samsung Vibrant, Captivate or Infuse.

Though there are both Windows and Mac intosh versions of the full Kies product, [4] there is only a Windows version of Kies Mini for most Samsung devices; however, non-Windows users may overcome this limitation by using a Windows virtual machine , installing Kies Mini within it and connecting a Samsung device via USB cable to accomplish the OS update.

Sync your Samsung Android device with your PC

On Windows devices, the file transfer happens via a plug-and-play mode. Though Kies connectivity has traditionally been via mini or micro-USB cable needing of some software, and not plug and play , wireless LAN connectivity between a Samsung device on which the Kies Wireless Android app [6] is running, and any Windows or Macintosh computer running the Kies full version, is now also possible. The Kies Wireless app also supports wireless connectivity with other devices via said other devices' web browsers.

The full version of Kies may be downloaded from the Samsung Global Download Center [8] or from the download part of an individual mobile device's technical support web page on the Samsung website. With few exceptions, it is usually only the Kies Mini version, and not the full version, which is typically downloadable from a given Samsung device. Smart Switch is part of a technical and commercial strategy finalized to connect all electronics in an unique semi-automation system, which is managed via a smartphone central app of Samsung.

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Update Your Rooted Galaxy S6 Using Smart Switch - Mac & PC [How-To]

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